Healing is a matter of time,
but it is sometimes also
a matter of opportunity
Therese Baker

Peter Granger

My name is Peter Granger and I have completed a two-year post graduate diploma in counselling as well as being a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapists (BACP).

Life can be very challenging and at certain times situations from the past or present can be overwhelming. It maybe that a current situation is causing you anxiety or perhaps you have unresolved situations from your past which you feel are holding back.

Asking for help can be a difficult task and sometimes you may feel the need to talk to someone in a safe and non-judgmental environment where you are free to explore those issues and work towards greater self-awareness.

Clients come to me with issue's ranging from low self-esteem to depression. My aim is to provide a safe and confidential space for them to explore these issues. I am able to offer both long and short term counselling depending on the clients needs in a non-judgemental and confidential way in accordance with BACP ethical framework.

My training as an Integrative Counsellor I believe means that am able to offer my clients a wide range of therapeutic approaches in order to best meet their unique needs. I work with clients at their own pace and in accordance with their specific needs.

My experience and interests: addictions, bereavement, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, relationship issues, sex and sexual difficulties, health related issues, trauma, rape, divorce, unexplained unhappiness and PTSD.

I have worked for a number of years with local addictions agencies both as a Counsellor and Project worker. Within that role I have gained an extensive knowledge of addictions and both their affect on the client, their families and their relationships.

I have also delivered courses on behalf of the agency in question to its client base in regards to both drug and alcohol abuse as well criminal justice.

My work has involved working in local hospital A & E's advising patients with alcohol problems on the options available to them should they feel they require help tackling their problems. Also working as an Outreach worker establishing working relationships with the local homeless shelters and their clients.

Currently, I am working with bereavement agency as a Counsellor for clients who have experienced a loss. I am also working with young adults from 11-25 years old and in my private practice.



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